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We started buying rental properties in 2008, which grew into buying homes to renovate and re-sell, which grew into a sales team at RE/MAX Professionals, and then into a construction company by 2012. All of which made Mason Company what you see today. Business and entrepreneur fanatics will recognize this as a vertical business structure.  

Our team of licensed and certified professionals stand ready to take on any real estate project and help you realize any real estate goal. Our greatest success is our measurement of happy and satisfied customers. Whether you are looking to renovate current your home, buy/build a new one, or start and grow your own real estate investing portfolio we are here to make sure you are properly represented through the entire process. 


Exceptional Quality

We are fueled by our unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Above all else we stand behind the service we provide and the quality of work we do. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, we believe this is the only way to operate a business and the best way to leave a meaningful reputation and gain quality referrals. Putting clients first, not making sacrifices and always doing the very best we can at every step. 

Everyone at Mason Company is proud of what we do, where we came from and where we are going. We believe customers deserve the very best, and the results of our services and the quality of work speaks for itself.  

Image by Jakob Owens
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